The Story

She is the girl who must save her world by proving there is more to life than peace and more to death than dying.

Drethene has always been different. And it’s not just the bizarre red rings that circle her pupils. Her skin is too light, and her hair is too dark. Her laugh is loud, and she asks a lot of questions. Her people are content, and live in peace. The Peace. But the very composition of Drethene's blood seems to be at war. It flows thick with Tranquility, the rigid rules of the One People, her homogenized society. But her true nature—her heritage from the forgotten ancient Realm—fights its way to the top.

Drethene's desire for what is missing from her life leads her to discover what lurks beneath the Peace. Now she must rescue her people from a life they covet, and reunite them with a world they don't believe exists. But will they believe the truth?

Strength and friendship come from unlikely folk, including a hypochondriac teenager and an old man who hasn't aged since he was four years old. They certainly don't help Drethene blend in. But that was never her goal anyway.





Christa blogs on her Facebook author page.

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Christa Conklin


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