• Conklin constructs the world of Tranquility into a living, breathing
    realm filled with secrets, creatures, lores, and meticulous beliefs. Her tale
    paints a vivid picture of an oppressive society, where diversity is stifled and
    criticism is squelched, but an undercurrent of hope lives through it all. It’s
    a smart, eye-opening read. By the end, you’ll be longing for more.

    — Sonia Poynter, author, The Last Stored

  • With brilliant world building and unforgettable characters, Tranquility
    will leave readers wanting more.

    —Jennifer Salvato Doktorski, author, August & Everything After

  • Tranquility is a refreshing take on the fantasy genre. Filled with magic,
    prophecies, and plenty of mythical beings, Conklin weaves an intriguing,
    imaginative tale that grabs you and doesn’t let you go until the last page.
    With a rich cast of characters, vivid world building, and a story you’ll be
    talking about long after you finish reading, Tranquility leaves readers both
    satisfied and yearning for the next adventure in the series.

    —Kathryn Lee Martin, author, the Snow Spark Saga