Hearts swimming in lace, chocolates filled with delights, cursive dancing across gilded greeting cards; Valentine’s Day approaches.

Is there a bookworm in your life who would love to devour a new novel?

Until February 7, I am offering a special gift opportunity for the reader(s) you love: a personalized, autographed copy of Tranquility for the retail price of $12.99.

No cost for the inscription and signature, and most importantly, domestic shipping is FREE.

Valentine’s Day is filled with fancy gestures of affection. There is no better ornament for a bibliophile’s new book than a personalized message from the author followed by their signature.

The first four purchasers will receive a book with the fancy autographed sticker pictured here.

This is Tranquility‘s first Valentine’s Day and I’d LOVE to send you a personalized copy.

Fill out the form below to purchase.

Happy Valentine’s Day!